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Title: DirectAdmin version 1.501
Post by: VPSboard on December 07, 2016, 05:02:20 PM
Ability to have backup tar exit code 1 throw error - feature
Brute Force Monitor: Skip User distributed attack User count - feature
letsencrypt_pre.sh and letsencrypt_post.sh - feature
Letsencrypt autorenew from 85 to 60 days - feature
Let's Encrypt: Ability to select which DNS records to include in the certificate (SKINS)(LANG) - feature
Per-User user.conf override for max_per_email_send_limit - feature
Disable overusage notices if account=OFF - feature
Show Warning if DA has not been restarted since last license update (SKINS)(LANG) - feature
Ability to change ns1/ns2 values without affecting package (LANG) - feature
LetsEncrypt: Don't require the use of the other CSR fields (SKINS) - bugfix
LetsEncrypt: .well-known directory needs to be 755 - bugfix
Changing NS1/NS2 via User Settings causes domain with double dot - bugfix
Domain name change to call dns_write_post.sh on cluster=0 - bugfix
FreeBSD: Backup --exclude-file in bsdtar - bugfix
username filtering on CMD_SELECT_USERS - bugfix
direct_imap_backup to no backup imap folder if it doesn't exist - bugfix
Usage (Meg) quota limit of 4096 caused decimal points - bugfix
global custom tokens accessed wrong files - bugfix
Restore custom apache config at admin level - bugfix
LetsEncrypt: new local challenge pre-test - bugfix
Imap restore not setting mail group on files -bugfix
dovecot restart via task.queue not working -bugfix