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General Talk / DirectAdmin version 1.501
« on: December 07, 2016, 05:02:20 PM »
Ability to have backup tar exit code 1 throw error - feature
Brute Force Monitor: Skip User distributed attack User count - feature and - feature
Letsencrypt autorenew from 85 to 60 days - feature
Let's Encrypt: Ability to select which DNS records to include in the certificate (SKINS)(LANG) - feature
Per-User user.conf override for max_per_email_send_limit - feature
Disable overusage notices if account=OFF - feature
Show Warning if DA has not been restarted since last license update (SKINS)(LANG) - feature
Ability to change ns1/ns2 values without affecting package (LANG) - feature
LetsEncrypt: Don't require the use of the other CSR fields (SKINS) - bugfix
LetsEncrypt: .well-known directory needs to be 755 - bugfix
Changing NS1/NS2 via User Settings causes domain with double dot - bugfix
Domain name change to call on cluster=0 - bugfix
FreeBSD: Backup --exclude-file in bsdtar - bugfix
username filtering on CMD_SELECT_USERS - bugfix
direct_imap_backup to no backup imap folder if it doesn't exist - bugfix
Usage (Meg) quota limit of 4096 caused decimal points - bugfix
global custom tokens accessed wrong files - bugfix
Restore custom apache config at admin level - bugfix
LetsEncrypt: new local challenge pre-test - bugfix
Imap restore not setting mail group on files -bugfix
dovecot restart via task.queue not working -bugfix

Guides and Tutorials / How To Choose VPS Hosting?
« on: February 21, 2016, 09:30:50 PM »
The Virtual Private Server, or VPS, can be defined as the virtual servers sold by the hosting service providers in the form of services.

In reality, these are the physical computer machines that are designed with specific hardware and software combination to handle large processing data at a time. Later on, these machines are divided into virtual space, each allocated to different website owners for hosting their websites. choose-vps-hosting

Now, virtual space acts as the virtual server with its own IP address and specific configurations like space, memory, RAM, processing speed and so on. Being as a cost effective option, this is widely chosen by people all across the world. Hence, there is a boom of VPS web hosting service providers, making it difficult to choose one. Here are certain tips from the experts that will help you to choose the most suited VPS hosting plans based upon specific factors.

6 Factors to consider before choosing VPS hosting

Managed/ Unmanaged VPS

The very first specification that a web owner must look for, while buying VPS hosting plan, is its management type. Obviously, the virtual server will be prone to technical issues and would need the technical experts to fix it.

If you consider yourself fit enough to handle the simple error fixing by booting, repairing, restarting and so on, you can choose the Unmanaged VPS hosting plans, in which you will have to handle all errors and issues in your virtual server. If not, prefer the Managed VPS hosting plan in which the experts of the VPS service provider itself take care of every issue in your Virtual server.

Operating System

linux operating system

There are two basic operating systems that are highly popular for the virtual servers, and Linux and Windows. Linux is more user friendly and costs much less than windows, due to being an open source OS. It also supports a wide range of applications as compared to windows. But, there are many apps that are supported by the Windows well, but not by Linux. If you work with Dot Net or Visual Studio, prefer the Windows based Virtual Server.


random access memory

The Random Access Memory, or RAM, of the Virtual server is much like the RAM in your PC. Higher the RAM, higher will be its capacity. For faster loading, it is suggested to have, at least, 512 MB RAM in your VPS. However, there are many VPS providers that offer 1 GB RAM VPS at affordable price rates. If you are starting for the first time, 512 MB RAM VPS will be a fine option for you.


The Speed of the VPS is often estimated from its uptime. Although, the VPS providers claim for the 99.9% uptime, the actual uptime might differ. For getting the actual approximation, it is highly advised to read as many reviews about that VPS provider as you can. For a fine deal, about 99.95% uptime must be agreed upon.

Customer Support

No matter how advanced VPS you hire, there can be any technical fault anytime, causing the hindrance of hosting services. During such time, only customer support can help. Hence, it is highly vital to prefer the VPS provider that offers 24 hours customer support. If possible, prefer the one with instant response to your query via call, chats or emails.


Finally, the price is what matters the most for many people. In general, you can get the plan for $10-25 per month or so for a good VPS service. However, the choice of extra value-added services can raise the cost as much as $80-90 per month.

The above factors play a crucial role in helping you on – How to choose VPS service Hosting Providers?. Based upon the above factors, here are the top 3 VPS service providers.

1.   BlueHost,
2.   AtlanticServers,
3.   DigitalOcean.

Each of above VPS service providers is judged upon the above factor and has been ranked by the experts. These are the most suited VPS providers for a range of websites like personal websites, commercial websites and blogs.

Announcements & News / Guidelines
« on: February 21, 2016, 08:56:17 PM »
General guidelines for a quality community

Obvious forum wide rules:

  • Please be respectful and courteous of others input and opinions.
  • Please be helpful and answer questions when capable.
  • Please respect the decision of moderators and admins.

VPS Offers, Dedicated Offers and Marketplace Forums

Requirements / Rules:

These are rules that must be followed for all marketplace forums and not meeting the requirements below will either prevent your post from being made public or may result in the removal of your offer as staff should not have to edit/modify your offers for you. (Even though we'll probably edit it if it's a quick fix, but don't expect us to proof read and modify your offer submissions for you.)

Account must be at least one week old. (You can not register an account and start posting offers five minutes later.)
Must have at least ten forum posts to be eligible to post an offer. (Obvious low-quality submissions that are clearly made to increase post count in short period of time will not be accepted and may result in your new posts being temporarily moderated before being made public.)
One post per offer section in a one week period.
No special characters in topic titles. Just use plain text.
No more than two colors besides the default (black) can be used in your offer.
Only Verified Providers can post in the VPS Offers forum.
Post Suggestions:

These are suggestions to help you sell your service but are not requirements.

Include the datacenter name and location of your offer. (This is information that many people want to know.)
Include relevant information about your service and company. (If you are unable to provide detailed information about your offer, then it's reasonable to assume you are unable to provide detailed support or have a detailed understanding of what you are actually offering.)
If copying/pasting your offer from other websites, take the time to replace words like "WebHostingTalk" and "LowEndTalk" when posting 'exclusive' offers.


General Talk / DirectAdmin New Version
« on: February 21, 2016, 06:25:52 PM »
DirectAdmin update to 1.50.0
Added many feature

Announcements & News / Welcome to VPS-Board
« on: February 21, 2016, 05:18:51 PM »
Welcome all peaople to VPS Board discussion place about Hosting service

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